Legal advice on Marriage and Family

According to research by experts in the world of family, “Family is the cell of society.” A harmonious, wellbeing and happiness family is the best thing that everyone wishes because it is a factor for both society and country to come up with sustainable development. The family is the cradle of human care, an environment is important to form and educate the human personality. The good children would be the best citizens of the country in the future.

Kết hôn với người nước ngoài
Kết hôn với người nước ngoài

Therefore, issues of Marriage and Family law is increasingly and become a very special and more favorable to issue marriage and family. The clear definition of relationships related to family life will create good conditions for marriage and family become more sustainable and avoid the collapse due to physical factors caused life of our family.

To further enhance the role of family in modern society, as well as preserving and promoting the traditions and customs, customs and practices of Vietnamese people, abolish customs, backward customs regarding marriage and family law office PHAN we will use all its capabilities and the specific regulatory legislation to protect Your Marriage Family life. We look forward to that, please do not hesitate to contact us to get specific and practical advice.

Content services, legal advice on Marriage and Family:

– Consult the marriage (the marriage conditions and procedures for registration of marriage);

– Consult a divorce (divorce conditions, divorce proceedings, violations of the regime of monogamy);

– Consult their children (child custody, child support);

– Advice on the couple’s property (common property, common liabilities, divided by the common property during marriage, property, private debt);

– Consultation procedures for adoption;

– Consult on other matters relating to marriage and family field.


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